About Us



Who are we?

EBT Supplies is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, with its Head Office located in Sydney Australia. 

What do we do?

At EBT Supplies we are committed to provide the best solution available, we offer fast reliable service, high quality products coupled with pricing that means you will get the best value solution.

What do we offer?

Quality: We will ensure that we only source and stock products of high standards and merchantable quality. We understand that time is money, and do not want to disadvantage our customers by returning back to job sites to replace faulty material. All products will comply to Australian Standards and where necessary, carry the relevant Approvals to deem the product fit for sale on the Australian market

Competitive Price: We try to minimise our overheads and pass on the savings to the customer. We are not interested in making big profits. We want to bring you the best possible price on the best quality products we can offer.

Customer ServiceWe will go out of our way to please the customer. We carry a large range of products. We are continually expanding on this range and our goal is to become a one stop trade supply shop to meet all the customers’ needs and expectations